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Replacing an entire windshield is different than replacing your other windows. For one reason, the windshield is larger than other windows in your car, and therefore it requires more care with the installation. Windshields also require special knowledge and training to ensure they are sealed properly and installed safely for you and your family. Trust Alex Advanced Auto Glass, and we guarantee we will provide you with the best windshield replacement in Long Beach, CA!

Our installation service is performed only by certified professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the intricacies of windshield glass. When you take your car to a larger auto glass centers you do not know who will be working on it or what they will be doing. At Alex Advanced Auto Glass, you can personally speak with your technician, and we will gladly explain the entire process to you. We always take the time to make sure you are informed about all of your options.

In addition to replacing windshields, we offer repair and restoration for windshields that may just have minor chips and cracks. Damage from debris, such as a rock chip, can occur almost anywhere on the road. This kind of damage does not always require new glass. Our technicians can help you assess the situation and determine whether a simple repair will fix the problem.

At Alex Advanced Auto Glass, we are dedicated to serving you! As soon as your windshield is in need of repair or replacement, bring it to us, and let us guide you through the windshield replacement process!

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